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The Carolina Roleplayers' Society

Looking For Group in the Carolinas

The posts below are from people in the Charlotte or elsewhere in the Carolinas looking for Dungeons & Dragons or other TTRPG groups!

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LFG Posts

  • IndependentGM

    Sun 1/16/2022 11:18am

    Name: Pillars of Destiny
    When: Weekly (depending on availability), Sunday, ~12:30pm
    What: In need of a new player (or two?) to join an existing group of four players plus myself as the DM!
    Session Length: 4ish hours on average
    Players: 1 (maybe 2?)
    Where: Remote until the weather warms up, then in-person (Charlotte)
    Description: Homebrew campaign set on a homebrew continent on the world of Golarion (world lore is generally unchanged).

    You’ll join a fledgling company of adventurers looking to rebuild a maligned noble patronage, work in the shadows to right societal wrongs, and potentially raid a Dungeon (or two) that gives you the ability to write your own future in an oppressive society. More detailed information available if this pitch intrigues you!

    This campaign will involve unravelling mysteries, navigating political/social games, and a fair bit of questing (an approximately even distribution of social/combat/exploration). Player choice reigns supreme in my campaigns, but I’m careful to provide enough breadcrumbs to guide you along the way.

    The table is all fairly fresh to PF2e, so please don’t let unfamiliarity with the system stop you from expressing your interest! We’ll happily help you navigate things. 21+ preferred, and we’re LGBTQ+ friendly.
    Contact: Please DM me!

  • GMLFGPbtAHomeOnline
    RPG hypnoCode

    Fri 1/14/2022 1:18am

    Looking to run a one shot with a few different groups of a PbtA game called Fluxfall Horizon. Set in the 24th Century, you’ll play “Lancers” who are sent to another parallel Earth somewhere between the early 1900s up until the present day 24th Century to put things the way they should be.

    > Curfew or Death
    > The lancers fall into a world where all the citizens MUST be indoors come nightfall, else they face the Curfew Enforcement Bureau (C.E.B). The CEB patrol the streets come nightfall, executing anyone found outdoors once the sun goes down. Formed about 250 years ago, nobody remembers why the CEB were formed nor do they know anyone in the CEB.

    No experience needed. This is prepping to run this at MACE West in March.

    Video will be required for online.

  • LFGD&D
    RPG Davo

    Thu 1/13/2022 4:25pm

    in Fig, NC (north of Boone).

    RPG yawetag

    Thu 12/30/2021 10:01am

    LGBTQ+ FRIENDLY! NEWBIE-FRIENDLY! COUPLES FRIENDLY! A spot just opened in my Rime of the Frostmaiden campaign that starts January 8th (week and a half!). Session 0/1 will be January 8th, and we’re playing twice a month (2nd and 4th Saturdays), starting at 4pm, at my house in the Fort Mill area. We’re currently at 4 players right now, so looking to fill at least one of the two remaining spots. I’m primarily looking for those with little D&D experience, as most of the group has 2 years or less experience. If you’re interested or have questions, you can DM me or post in .

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