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How to make a LFG Post

Making a LFG post show up on the LFG Page is simple! Just head over to one of our LFG channels:

  • #open-session-scheduling
  • #👀lfg-all
  • #👀lfg-bg-all

Then start your post with one of the types: [LFG], [LFM], [LFGM], [GMLFG] and then type out what your game is about and any details you want. Images or other things won’t be posted on the site. If you don’t know what these tags mean, look below.

Example LFG Post
Example Post

Please remember to post your times if you know & where the game will be played.
(if it’s your home just say “home” do not your address!)

Tag Definitions

  • LFG - Looking For Group
    You’re a single player, or pair of players looking for a group to join.
  • LFM - Looking For More
    You have an established group, with a GM, & probably a time & are looking for more.
  • LFGM - Looking For Game Master
    You’re a group big enough to play who’s looking for a GM.
  • GMLFG - Game Master Looking For Group

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